How to Stop Being Afraid in Five Minutes or Less

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Stop Being Afraid

Child Being Afraid



Afraid of the dark?

Afraid of being hurt?

Afraid of dogs?

Afraid to go outside?

Afraid to go heights?

Afraid to drive?

Woman Being Afraid Crossed Hands

Afraid to date?

Afraid of what others think?

Afraid of your boss?

Afraid of losing your job?

Afraid of losing your nest egg?

Afraid of not having enough money?

Afraid of losing your house?

Afraid of not having enough?

Afraid of not being (good)(attractive)(rich)(thin)(smart)(funny) enough?

- OR -

Are you watching your child or another loved one being afraid?

What if you could permanently eliminate being afraid (of anything) in less than five minutes?

Crazy talk, right? (more on that in a moment…)

But isn't being afraid only natural? After all, it's about as common a human experience as any out there, and it takes so many forms that it must be natural, right?

But, just because "being afraid" is common doesn't means it's natural.

Think about it. Fear is a self-destructive emotion; it freezes your intelligence, your reactions and your capacity for critical thinking. But it gets worse…

In the overwhelming majority of cases, being afraid of something is imaginary. It's an emotional think might happen – but hasn't – not what's actually going on at the moment you're feeling it.

But what's most certainly not imaginary – as we all know – is the real psychological and physiological impact of being afraid.

Ever heard of Maxwell Maltz? He was a famous surgeon and the author of the pioneering self-help classic, Psycho-Cybernetics. At the heart of his book was this ground breaking assertion:

The subconscious mind can't tell the difference between an actual event and one that's vividly imagined.

Translation? Imagine something vividly enough – and that's exactly what "being afraid" is – and it'll do just as much damage as if it were actually happening.

Sounds pretty destructive to us. And not at all "natural". Or healthy. Or life-affirming. Or anything else positive that can help us live the rich, free, joyful life we deserve to live.

Enter Mind Wiping: permanently eliminating any destructive emotion, and doing it fast, so we can get to that joyful life…more