Permanently Eliminate Any Destructive Emotion
in Five Minutes or Less

Mind Wiping

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Mind Wiping

Mind Wiping Book Front Cover

Permanently Eliminate Any Destructive Emotion in Five Minutes or Less

Permanently eliminate any destructive emotion in less than five minutes?

"Impossible," you say. Actually, it's not.

We've used Mind Wiping and its three-step process for the past 35 years to do just that. Mind Wiping unlocks normal reactions, providing the focus and mental clarity to handle the given situation – even ones that may have paralyzed you in the past.

Mind Wiping will show you how to:

  • Eliminate all emotional stress in three quick, easy steps
  • Experience almost instant relief
  • Keep painful emotions from returning
  • Stop remembering agonizing things from the past
  • Automatically think more clearly
  • Eliminate any body pain caused by an emotional stimulation
  • Enjoy perpetual peace of mind & happiness
  • Cure yourself – minus the cost of a counselor

My name is Sarah Meredith…

My daughter Jessica and I have been professional counselors for close to a combined 60 years. About 35 years ago, I developed a powerful technique based on years of experience with my clients; knowledge of how the mind works; and fundamental physiology and anatomy.

In short, it used science to heal and remove emotional issues stuck in the body.

Mind Wiping was born. I fine-tuned it over time, but right from the start, I knew I was on to something. Something big. Something life-changing. And something anyone could do on their own – no professional counselor/psychologist/therapist needed.

The name Mind Wiping describes exactly what it does. As hard as this may be to believe, it indeed permanently eliminates any destructive emotion in less than five minutes.

Crazy talk, again, right? I know how it must sound, but, for decades, in case after case after case, I've seen Mind Wiping's ability to do just what it promises.

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Permanently Eliminate Your Pain In the Privacy of Your Own Home

P.S. Mind Wiping isn't about just "feeling better"…

Over the years, we've noticed that many who've read Mind Wiping and put it to work tell us they "feel better."

Which just proves to us they've done it wrong.

Understand this: Mind Wiping isn't a technique to help you "feel better." It's specifically designed to (altogether now…) permanently eliminate any destructive emotion in less than five minutes. Not temporarily make you feel better.

Yes, it's that effective. That consistently effective. And when the results fall short of that, we know that someone hurried through it, skipped part of the instructions, cut corners. Sure, they may feel better, but they haven't completely erased those painful emotions.

In ALL our years of doing it, when done correctly, Mind Wiping has never once failed to TOTALLY ELIMINATE the emotion(s) we were after.

"It Sounds Too Good to Be True…"

It does. And you have every right to be skeptical. Over the years, we've all wasted money on junk peddled by scam artists making outrageous claims. I've bought my share of disappointments from TV commercials. But ponder this…

What if it really was that good? (which it is…)

Something this powerful would be priceless. Think about it. What would the ability to permanently eliminate any destructive emotion – including being afraid – in less than five minutes be worth to you? Thousands? To live a life without the crushing fears that keep you running in place? Tens of thousands?

Well, it's not tens of thousands. Or even thousands. Or hundred. It's sixteen bucks.

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Permanently Eliminate Your Pain In the Privacy of Your Own Home

We'd no doubt make a lot more money charging many thousands for Mind Wiping, since people would think that anything that expensive had to be good. But, if we did that, it'd only be the rich who could afford it and that would defeat our whole purpose of putting this truly life-changing technology within reach of just about anyone.

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Oh My God! I can't believe what just happened to me. Mind Wiping is incredible. I don't hurt. My depression is GONE!!! And, it was so easy. Thank you sooooo much. For the first time in years, I feel in control of my life.

~Lauren Columbia
College Student & Mother

I love Mind Wiping! Yesterday my 3 year old was throwing his usual tantrum. He was on the floor kicking his heels, screaming at the top of his lungs, all because he couldn't go to school with is brother.

This time, I sat on the floor next to him, rubbed up like you taught me and listened to his complaints. After a bit, I picked him up and started rubbing. It took about 30 seconds. He sniffled, then stopped, climbed off my lap as if nothing had happened, picked up his toy car and took off chasing the dog. A few minutes later I heard him laughing.

What's amazing about this behavior? EVERY MORNING FOR THE PAST THREE MONTHS, it took from 30 to 40 minutes to calm him down after his brother left.

I love you two!!!

Jennifer Folker
Graphic Designer

I have done a lot of work on myself over the years, and experienced a lot of inner growth while using many different techniques. All have worked, and all have brought me to where I am now. I recently had the pleasure of doing mind-wiping with Sarah Meredith … and WOW!!!!!

This technique is simple, yet powerful. Sarah had the missing piece of the puzzle in my life, and it feels like it's all come together. Mind Wiping is one of the most incredible, marvelous clearing techniques I have used. Sarah worked with me on something that would have had serious consequences had I not been emotionally clear. I felt immediate results.

Because I was so impressed by the results I had the first time, when something else came up, I asked Sarah to do another Mind Wiping Session with me to help clear the issue.* I had the same wonderful results the second time. I could actually feel the issue clearing, and my body felt lighter.

This is definitely a technique I share with others, as everyone can benefit. It is absolutely amazing! I continue to use this technique whenever the need arises. I refer it to my clients and everyone I know who needs it.

~Loretta Martin,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

* At the time Loretta asked for a second session, she did not realize that she could do Mind Wiping on her own. Now she knows!

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